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Lemon Grove, California, a suburb of San Diego, CA, has officially claimed the title of "Lemon Capital of the World," and we don't have a big lemon to prove it to us. The region is known for its high quality of life, good food and good weather, but Lemon Grove enjoys the best of both worlds in terms of lifestyle and food choices. Mediterranean climate with an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables and a variety of outdoor activities. For potential homeowners looking for a suburban community feel, this suburb is near SanDiego, just a short drive from San Francisco.

Whether it's rain or sunshine, activities include horse and wagon rides, horse riding, hiking, cycling, kayaking and much more. Watch the home team play at Lemon Grove on a beautiful evening of good food and lots of emotion.

The recently renovated Lemon Grove Skate Park provides families with children a great place to enjoy the amazing San Diego climate. There are also many outdoor activities for children of the furry variety, whether you prefer children or furry varieties. It also has many architecturally complex libraries, which contain a large number of books and serve as great learning spaces. The Lemon Grove Library offers programs for residents of all ages, including a teen jewelry program, an art gallery, a children's playground, and more.

This is a great place for the community to get together with each other and with those they love, as well as with their friends and family.

At the base of the statue is the city's motto, "The Best Climate on Earth," and no one visiting San Diego can disagree with that claim. Sheep, vegetables and poultry provided everything needed to survive in this paradise, which took its name from Lemon Grove in the early 20th century, when large citrus groves with lemons and oranges became the region's main industry. The sheep and ranchers settled down in such a way that they were given the title "The Best Climate in the World." The grove eventually disappeared when urbanization fulfilled the dream of more than a few ranchers who discovered that living in the "best climate in the world" was all they wanted.

A quick look at the latest listings shows that most of the homes for sale are in suburbs that boomed after World War II and were perfected for families to take root in.

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In our region, there are two schools that have made it into the top 15 percent this year, and both schools have or had a significant increase in the number of students in their class. In many areas of San Diego, the number of homes for sale has also increased by 1-3%, and demand prices have increased by 5-6% from last year.

To create the rankings, College Factual analyzed 2,700 U.S. schools and ranked them according to who is the best football athlete. The following two colleges in Lemon Grove have earned a spot in the top 15 percent of the best colleges for men's football. San Diego State University ranks 76th overall and 41st in the division For the ranking of "best colleges for men's football" to take this into account, it must be at least 1,000 points above the national average.

Every year, the SDSU provides more than $1.5 million for sports - related help for its students - athletes. The University of San Diego is providing about $3.4 million of that for sports - for the associated grants and $2.2 million for sports-related assistance to students.

See what Lemon Grove's educational facilities look like - and use the satellite view. Click on the icon on this map to see a satellite - a view that delves deep into the inner workings of Lemon Grove. Save this PDF to get it, but don't forget the free printable plan "Lemon Grove."

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More About Lemon Grove