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Joe Biden won the White House when California's 55 electoral college votes pushed him over the 270 electoral college threshold. The Lemon Grove School Board has approved a $123,500 grant application to build a new school building on the site of a former school in the city's south end.

The $14 million project is owned by L.A. financier Michael Birnkrant and is being built by local real estate developer Richard Dixon on the site of a former grocery store on the corner of Main and Mainstrasse. The flagship store was the Walker - Scott J.C. Penney, which was built in the early 20th century as part of the city's first major shopping center. In its early days, lemons were the main industry, and hundreds of car loads were shipped to a local packaging company operated by the California Citrus Union. Later, the Lemon Grove Citruses Association organized the first national conference of citrus growers in San Francisco and Los Angeles, including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFL-CIO).

At that time, the men delivering food had a Ford Model T, but that was the only transport outside. There were large boxes of supplies that could be hung from reels of bottles and dragged back and forth by rope. They carried food and everything else the customer wanted, such as milk, eggs, bread, sugar, milk and eggs.

When they arrived, they were awakened by a sudden stop of the pram and the horses knew their way home. If they came home late, just put the reins on the dashboard and give the horse a little whip. And he knew his way around!

We had a lot of lemon pickers and we played games on Sunday afternoon but we couldn't win the games without playing well. We always got the best out of the team and the fans ripped the other side off with a bang, so we still won. They had a lot of fun and behaved really well and I'm glad we had them around us.

Sometimes the deliveries were too late and we had to walk to the station to get our mail on the train And sometimes we would have to wait and get him on board. I remember not getting my mail because there was a $5 fine for missing a train, but I'm glad I did.

The sooner you trust time, the more people look back and announce their journey in the newspaper. I like to come down and talk about the news, but I don't have time, so I'm interesting.

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More About Lemon Grove

More About Lemon Grove