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The film, which first aired on PBS in 1985, tells the story of a little-known legal case that took place in Lemon Grove in 1931. Although many of these stories have been erased from the history books, consider the film that was produced nearly 35 years ago.

Mary England, who served three terms on Lemon Grove City Council, says the majority of petition signatories were not told the full story. Mexico - American parents in the city of Lemon Grove have filed a petition to build their own school for their students after the Lemon Grove incident in 1931. A class action lawsuit was filed in San Diego County Superior Court against Robert Alvarez. In the first successful lawsuit against school segregation, LemonGrove is one of the most successful school districts in the United States.

Lemon Grove is still a throwback to the 1930s with its old school buildings, old buildings and old schools. Recently, former Lemon Grove City Councilman and former City Councilman John Cramer told me that he is trying to breathe new life into LemonGrove.

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The recently renovated Lemon Grove Skate Park offers families with children the opportunity to enjoy the amazing San Diego climate. Demographically, LemonGrove borders San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose and San Bernardino counties. The majority of the residents identified their ethnicity or descent as Mexican, but did not provide details of their national origin. More than half of the residents (52.5%) are upper-middle income residents, making it the second-wealthiest district in the state, behind only Santa Rosa.

Lemon Grove is served by the Orange Line of the San Diego Trolley and is located in the heart of the Lemon Grove neighborhood, a short walk from downtown.

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Joseph Anton Sones, an immigrant from Bohemia, moved to Lemon Grove after stops in Seguin, Texas, and San Diego. He is an independent filmmaker based in San Diego and a member of the board of directors of the Los Angeles Film Festival. Zitronenhain Historische Gesellschaft is pleased to announce the appointment of a new member with wide interests and professional skills that augur well for the future of our leading cultural institution in the community.

Joseph Anton Sonka, an immigrant from Bohemia, moved to Lemon Grove after stops in Seguin, Texas, and San Diego. Having lived in the latter house since 1978, the bilingual couple raised three children in their first house, a two-bedroom second-floor apartment on the corner of Main and Mission Streets.

England currently lives in La Mesa, but he still owns the house his family moved into in 1963 and which he shares with his wife and three children.

Although Lemon Grove is still part of the city of San Diego and was only admitted as a city in 1977, a number of influential people have called it their home since it was incorporated under the city's universal law. The area that eventually became LemonGrove was the site of a major civil rights movement in the mid-19th century. It was home to Southern California's first public school system, the Los Angeles County School District, but has since been overrun by illegal drug traffickers, gangsters and other criminal activities. However, it continues to receive contractual support from the SanDiego County Sheriff's Department.

If the commission agrees to dissolve Lemon Grove, the city's voters would have to approve the idea. S wants to raise the sales tax on all transactions in the city from 7.75% to 8.5%. It is a courageous step, but one that the community has learned to love, and it is an important step forward in the revitalization of the area. Editor's note: An earlier version of this story referred to the group as the "Lemon Grove Tax" in favor of Measure S.

The Mexican Americans of Lemon Grove started in 1933 as an agricultural union and have an unwavering passion for saving the Lemon Grove heritage.

In the late 19th century, sheep farmer Robert Allison realized that citrus trees in Lemon Grove, California, could be grown in a climate suitable for growing subtropical fruits and vegetables. Farmers from the East and Midwest flocked to the region, and in the early 20th century farmers from all over the US and Canada.

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